Using the Yoast SEO Plugin

Ever wondered what SEO actually is?

Ever wondered what SEO actually is? I mean, everyone knows it's important for websites right? But what does it actually do? Who controls it?

You know what, if you want to know the answers to those questions, go take a computer nerds 101 course. In this course, I'll teach you how to use the the all conquering Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. And if you know how to use that, you don't even need to know why SEO is important. You can rest assured your site is covered for when the Google searchbots come crawling.

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Josh Champion
Josh Champion
Web Designer

About the instructor

Hi! I'm Josh. Here's why you'll enjoy my courses: I don't have any qualifications in web design. Which means I'm self taught just like you're trying to be. My courses are designed with you in mind. I can do that because I've been there. What I am qualified in is teaching. I have a university degree in education, and used to be a high school teacher. So unlike the other 'thrown together' eLearning courses out there, you can be sure that mine contain professionally designed curriculum that works towards meeting learning criteria.

What's included?

5 Videos

Course Curriculum

1 - The Configuration Wizard
2 - Optimising a Page with Yoast
3 - Optimising a Post with Yoast
4 - Readability and Other Options

So become an SEO gun without even knowing what the acronym stands for...

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